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fast and friendly professional print

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It's very difficult to differentiate between a flyer and a leaflet, but generally a leaflet has more than one page and are printed from a single sheet of paper.

They may just be printed on one side, on both sides, or folded to form a four or a six page document. Paper weights may vary, but usually are either 100, 120, 140, 160gsm. Heavier weights than these are less common, but can be used.

The information contained within a leaflet can be of an advertising nature, i.e. to publicise an event or a product, or informative, such as technical details, etc.

When folded they can be designed as 'panels' and can have centre 'spreads' - like takeaway menus for restaurants, and hence the artwork can take advantage of these - telling a story as the leaflet is unfolded, each panel being a separate 'page'.

As with flyers, leaflets are exempt from VAT.





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